Our Approach

Campbell and Associates has developed an approach to the consulting process based upon 20 years of experience both as a consultant and as a client. This approach, while different from the traditional model, seeks to focus on what is most useful to the client while avoiding practices that waste resources.

  • Most projects are billed at an hourly fee, as that is the most flexible and understandable. All work is summarized by date, number of hours, and a description of the work completed. The initial contract estimates the number of hours needed to complete the project, and will not be exceeded without prior approval by the client. Other reimbursement methodologies can be explored in situations that are open-ended or require a service retainer.
  • All research, analysis, and source material are available to the client. Recommendations will include all processes and assumptions used to determine that course of action.
  • Recommendations will include a “template” describing the step-by-step actions necessary to obtain a measurable result. At the client’s request, Campbell and Associates will lead the implementation process.
  • Campbell and Associates believes in data-driven management, and will develop mechanisms for ongoing, measurable results wherever possible.
  • In our experience, employees at all levels are more forthcoming and comfortable in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. For this reason, most interaction will be informal and off-site as much as possible. Formal presentations and training will be done at the client’s request or as necessary to maintain professional rigor.
  • Campbell and Associates believes in Fail Fast planning to identify missteps quickly and modify processes to avoid unnecessary time and expense.
  • We want to be a resource! We are available by phone, email, or text. Off-project questions are only billed if they require research or more than 15 minutes to answer.
  • We have experience in many areas, but from time to time, may need to consult with others to assure that we have the best possible information. These consultations are included in the hourly fee and will not be billed separately. Associates are covered under the Campbell and Associates NDA. If a part of a project is outside of our scope would be more cost effective if addressed by targeted expertise, we will inform the client up-front, suggest referrals, and then make the appropriate introductions.
  • If a client requests assistance in the development of a program or strategic direction that, after review, does not appear to have viability long-term, Campbell and Associates will inform the client as soon as possible and suggest alternatives. At the client’s direction, the SOW will be changed to address the alternative, removed from the deliverable list, or developed according to the client’s initial request to the best of our ability.