Campbell & Associates makes it simple to plan and budget for consulting services. Our fees are clearly stated and public. There are no surprises.


Campbell and Associates generally works under an hourly fee agreement, as estimates and reimbursement are simple to understand and changes or additions to the Scope of Work, when approved by the client, can be quickly accommodated. This arrangement also assures that the client compensates the consultant for the actual work involved and not what may be a standardized, pre-developed product.

The base hourly rate for consulting services is $125.00, and is invoiced by-weekly. This rate includes all supplies and expenses except for travel and equipment/services specifically requested by the client that fall out of the regular scope of the consulting objectives listed above. For example, data storage for research and internal consultations with associates is included, but a client request for a data server or consultation with an outside attorney is not. Any additional costs will be discussed and approved by the client before they are incurred.

The Hourly rate is adjustable based upon the number of hours to which a client commits in the agreement. Larger projects are invoiced at a lower hourly rate. Campbell and Associates uses a simple formula to determine the appropriate rate:

Under 80 Hours$125
80 to 119 Hours$115
120 to 159 Hours$105
160 to 199 Hours$95
200 Hours and Over$85

In-State travel is billed at $30.00 per hour. The regular rate of will not be charged. Travel outside of the state including air travel and overnight accommodations are billed based upon actual cost plus $30.00 per hour during travel time.

Projects requiring extended overnight stays at the business location (either in or out of the State) will be reimbursable by the client.

Project Based

When a project is open-ended or if the client prefers a single-quote arrangement, Campbell and Associates will develop proposals with other reimbursement methodologies. These arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis, and are based upon the complexity of the project, the time involved, and resources necessary to complete the deliverables. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Retained services, with an allocated number of hours per month
  • Interim executive positions that are structured for an existing payroll cycle
  • Flat Project quotes with pre-determined draw amounts
  • Projects with provisions for bonuses
  • Projects that are based upon Campbell and Associates performing job functions on a long-term basis

Retained Services

Sometimes, a company enters a period of uncertainty, and is unsure of what assistance will be needed on an ongoing basis. Campbell and Associates offers a Retainer Option that provides a company access to a consultant on an ongoing basis. Campbell & Associates will remain on-call for research, advice, and problem solving on an ad-hoc basis, giving the customer the security of having these resources on hand.

Campbell & Associates provides up to 10 hours per month to be used as needed for $1000.00, and up to 20 hours per month for $1900.00. Any additional hours are billed at the standard hourly rate. To reserve larger blocks of hours, the fee will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis

Interim Executive Services

Finding the right person to fill a key role in an organization is often a time-consuming process, but a company must continue to operate optimally during the search. Campbell & Associates provides seasoned, knowledgeable people to fill the role and allow the company to take the time to find the right person instead of the available person. All of our Associates have deep experience and excellent track records of executive leadership in several settings. Interim Positions are individually negotiated with our customers based upon the position, length of service, and industry-standard compensation. Whenever possible, Campbell & Associates will work within the anticipated expense of the permanent executive to remain budget neutral for the organization.